Aggressive Driving, Hit and Run, Road Rage, Seat Belts

Beverly Hills 90210, where the Hollywood A-listers live, known for Rodeo Drive and now road rage.


Last week, two women were arrested for attempted murder in Beverly Hills, the third  road-rage incident in the tony neighborhood of Los Angeles in two years. This incident took place in a shopping center parking lot after an argument over littering. Watch the incident on tape, where the black car slammed the man into a side rail before driving off. The victim was hospitalized with critical injuries.

Sasha Gibson, 33, the victim of a Beverly Hills road rage episode in 2013 was not so lucky. She was killed in a traffic crash that authorities have termed a possible road rage incident. According to a newspaper article on the incident, the wreck took Gibson’s life and landed three occupants of her car in the hospital with injuries that have been termed non-life threatening.

Beverly Hills road rage incident (Source:  Canyon News)

Witnesses reported that the fatal crash was proceeded by a road rage incident in which the Mercedes had a minor collision with a taxi cab. “Speeding off from the scene of the first crash, the Mercedes Benz plowed into the the victim’s car, a number of trees, and a concrete wall,” the newspaper reported. Apparently Gibson was not wearing her seat belt. Police suspect drugs and alcohol were involved.

In a second incident that same year, police were on the lookout for a suspect of road rage for attempted murder when surveillance cameras caught a white BMW car ramming the victim on a bicycle against a garbage bin. The victim had gotten into a dispute with the driver, lost his cool and punched the suspect in the face. The driver then chased the bicyclist into the alley, tried to kill the victim and then peeled away.

Robert E. Doyle, Road Rage Suspect, Arrested for Second-Degree Murder (Source:  Citrus County Arrest Report Archives)

Meanwhile, a different case of road rage ensued in the Beverly Hills across the country in sunny Florida. The victim’s wife told police Robert E. Doyle was driving aggressively and they followed him home to get his address to give to law enforcement. When they parked in front of the house, they saw Doyle get out of his vehicle with a weapon pointed at them. The victim, Candelario Gonzalez, got out of his car to confront the suspect, when he was shot. Doyle then pointed the gun at the other occupants of the car, Gonzalez’ wife, daughter and grandson, and demanded they get out of the car until law enforcement arrived on the scene. Doyle was arrested and held without bail, charged with second-degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without the intent to kill.

The original story of the Beverly Hills, Florida incident reported in Citrus Times Online.