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Summer heat fatal for car passengers

52_hotcar_deaths_2018Another news report of a smashed window to save infant trapped in hot car.

smashed car window

Jermius Scott is being hailed a hero after he rescued a 4-month-old boy who was reportedly left in a hot car for nearly 12 hours.

According to the National Safety Council, 52 children died in 2018 from being trapped in a hot car, a record number of fatalities. The Hot Cars Act legislation would require sensor technology be installed as standard equipment in all new vehicles that would detect an occupant – a person or animal – in the rear seat of a vehicle if the driver walks away from the vehicle. The Act has been introduced in the Senate and is awaiting the House version of the bill. away.


Several car manufacturers have supported the bill by installing the motion sensor technology as standard features. Consumers can also buy accessories that sense the occupancy of rear seats.



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DUI lawyer arrested for DUI and child neglect

Joshua Hauserman, a DUI lawyer, was charged with DUI and child neglect. (Photo: Palm Beach County Sheriffs)

Joshua Todd Hill Hauserman, a lawyer from West Palm Beach, was suspended for 30 days placed on two years’ probation for failing to complete treatment for alcohol problems. Hauserman, managing partner of the Hauserman Law Group, admitted to violating the terms of the Florida Lawyers Assistance by testing positive for alcohol on five different occasions and failing to timely remit his monthly monitoring fee.

Hauserman pleaded guilty in 2014 to driving under the influence and his driver’s license was suspended for five years. At the time of his current arrest, he was driving on a suspended license with a 3-year-old child and had two flat tires. This was his second DUI,


Details for this article taken from the Sun Sentinel