Mature Drivers, Senior Driving

Decline in mature driver skills ruins a Mother’s Day celebration

Mature driver error causes death and destruction (Photo Source:  NY Daily News)

As the average American lifespan continues to increase, more and more drivers are outliving their ability to safely operate a vehicle. These drivers also tend to maintain active licenses for longer periods of time and drive more miles than mature drivers of past generations. Mature drivers should be aware of physical limitations and how they may affect driving at all times. As the driving population ages, states are beginning to enact legislation putting certain restrictions on drivers – too late for Diane Aluska, a mother of three, killed by a car driven by an 80-year old.

The driver, Ann Riolo, mistakenly reversed her car thinking she had put it in drive. When she started speeding backwards, she lost control, jumped the sidewalk and ran over the victim, who was walking with her 16 year-old daughter.  The car stopped when it crashed into the side of the building of the local fire department. Criminal charges were not filed against the driver.

Driver Improvement’s online courses highlight the decrease or loss of skills with age. Vision problems, lack of coordination and problems perceiving distance are a few of the factors that will impact a senior’s driving abilities. Learn how drivers age 55 and older can save money on their auto insurance simply by completing our mature driver course, which can help you learn new techniques and brush you up on the current rules of the road, as well as the effects of medication on the mind and body during vehicle operation and how to eliminate distracted driving. Sign up for an online course today at


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