Drug-Impaired Driving, Drunk Driving, DUI/DWI/OWI/OWAI

Surviving a civil war to be killed in his driveway

You don’t have to be on a road to be arrested for a DUI 

Soukvilay Barton, 37, was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of DUI. She wasn’t driving on the freeway. She wasn’t even on a road. She was in her driveway, attempting to leave her home, where she had been drinking and arguing with family members. Her father, Bounmy Rajsombath, 69, thought he could prevent her from driving while drunk by standing in the path between the driveway and the street. She ran him over. The sad point of this story is not that Barton was arrested, held in the county jail on suspicion of driving under the influence and gross vehicle manslaughter. No, the sad point is that her father had survived the horrors of civil war in Laos only to be run-over and killed by his own daughter who was trying to drive while drunk. Rajsombath’s funeral services will be held on June 21st. His son-in-law said that Rajsombath had to dodge bullets from the communists trying to kill him for aiding the enemy, and swam across the Mekong River to get to Thailand, where he worked in a refugee camp.  He later migrated to the United States, became a plumber, and was very respected in the Loatian immigrant community.  Soukvilay Barton’s bail was set at $75,000, and she lost her father she loved.

The original story reported by UPI and printed in the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times.

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