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Repeat Drunk Driver – Over and Over Again

Red or glassy eyes, slurred speech and other signs that a person is too drunk to drive

A strong odor of alcohol, red glassy eyes and slurred speech. What is wrong with this picture? Not only are these the signs of a person too intoxicated to drive, they describe a man apprehended after a police chase over almost seven miles, reaching  speeds of up to 109 miles per hour.  It’s not the first time 41-year-old Kevin Hutchins of Milwaukee County was arrested for Operating While Under the Influence, OWI, a misdemeanor charge in Wisconsin and referred to as a DIU offense. In fact, Hutchins had two OWI-related convictions from prior years, arrested during one of those episodes for traveling the wrong way on the Interstate with a blood alcohol level registered at .205. His latest arrest was Milwaukee County’s 1,000th repeat drunk driver arrest since 2010, according to a Fox 6 News report. In Wisconsin, law enforcement use the term OWI in the same manner other states use DUI (driving under the influence). Wisconsin law also uses the term PAC or prohibited alcohol concentration sometime known as a “per se” OWI.  How much is too much?


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Before getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, remember what the consequences are of driving under the influence.


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How many drinks does it take to become intoxicated?  Take the BAC calculator test at www.drivinglaws.org.